Middle School Formation

All students in Middle School meet on Wednesdays from Mid-September to the beginning of May. Classes are held at the Education Center from 6:30-8pm unless otherwise noted on the calendar. All classes are encouraged to spend 10-20 minutes in various forms of prayer during class time. Each grade participates in occasional large group classes that bring the students out of the classroom and offer an opportunity to encounter Christ through dynamic talks, activities and prayer.

All middle school students will meet weekly in class, please see calendar.

Grades 6 – Students spend class time working through the basic stories of the Bible from Genesis to Acts from the Storybook by Ascension Press. Students learn the stories and characters in Salvation history.

Grade 7 – Students study the basic teachings of the faith through ‘Christ Our Life,’ by Loyola Press.

Grade 8 – Students meet weekly during the school year. The curriculum for 8th Grade is Chosen by Ascension Press


One of the most important things that we can do to foster a young person’s faith is to create opportunities for them to have a true encounter with Our Lord. For many youth, as well as adults, until an initial encounter with Jesus Christ has taken place there is little to no interest in the teachings of the Catholic Faith. Our program strives to create settings and events that set the stage for a young person to allow God to touch their heart and let them know how much they are loved. Each student is required to attend the retreat(s) scheduled for their grade level. Click on links below for information and permission forms.

Dates for Mandatory Retreats:

Grade 6 & 7: This year in lieu of the all day retreat for the 6 & 7 graders, we are asking each student to attend one Souled Out during the school year. To find out more about Souled out click here.

Grade 8: Confirmation Weekend Retreat: Feb 10-12, 2023 – Click here to go to Confirmation Retreat page

What should my child know and by what age?

I have put together a booklet to help parents meet certain benchmarks to keep their child(ren) on track as they grow and learn their faith. This fall we will begin using these standards in our Faith Formation programs to check the knowledge of the students. Please take some time to work on these with your children. I recommend beginning at the lowest age group and work up to your child’s current age/grade. This is not to add stress to you or your children, it is a tool for us to determine the knowledge of the faith with the children. Click on the link below to view booklet.

Basic Prayers and Teachings of the Catholic Faith for Families