A Family of Faith

by The Sophia Institute

We use A Family of Faith Program by the Sophia Institute because we believe deeply in supporting parents as they raise their children in the faith.

We meet twice a month with both the parents and children. One evening is focused on educating, supporting and encouraging parents in their role as primary teachers of the faith. The children will be attending different stations during the evening to reinforce what parents are teaching at home. The stations are designed to encourage a positive faith experience for the children. The other evening during the month is a community evening, the families come together in fellowship and engage in fun faith-based activities and prayer together. For more information please contact Debbie Gladitsch.

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What should my child know and by what age?

I have put together a booklet to help parents meet certain benchmarks to keep their child(ren) on track as they grow and learn their faith. This fall we will begin using these standards in our Faith Formation programs to check the knowledge of the students. Please take some time to work on these with your children. I recommend beginning at the lowest age group and work up to your child’s current age/grade. This is not to add stress to you or your children, it is a tool for us to determine the knowledge of the faith with the children. Click on the link below to view booklet.

Basic Prayers and Teachings of the Catholic Faith for Families