Adoration Chapel

The Mass is the center of our Catholic life, but it doesn’t need to stop there! Eucharistic Adoration carries the grace of the Holy Mass into the rest of our week. We are blessed to have the Christ the King Adoration Chapel located at the Faith and Education Center.

Thanks to the commitment of parishioners, we are able to maintain Adoration from Wednesday (10:00am) through Friday (5:00pm). However, we always are looking for more people to join in praying before the Lord. If you would like to commit to an hour each week on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday in the presence of Jesus Christ, please contact any of the coordinators listed below for the hour(s) you are interested in covering:

  • Midnight to 6:00am: Patricia Riley (763-682-9772)
  • 6:00am to Noon: Lois Nevinski (763-682-3277)
  • Noon to 6:00pm: Shari Goodale (763-682-3628)
  • 6:00pm to Midnight: Kathy Patterson (763-682-6100)
  • Adoration Coordinator: Doug Nevinski (763-682-3277)
  • For later evening hours (10:00 PM to 6:00 AM) we do require a key fob for access. You will be given a key fob once you are signed up and scheduled for adoration.