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Statue for Our Church -- Donations Wanted
January 20, 2024

Statue for Our Church -- Donations Wanted

A Knights of Columbus Initiative
The Knights of Columbus are purchasing statue of Blessed Father Michael McGivney. Join them in their effort to beautify the
entrance to our church.  The cost of $22,000 will help fill the former basement doorway with a beautiful bronze likeness of him. An anonymous donor has offered to MATCH all donations.
"Why Blessed Father McGivney?"The Saints lives are models to follow.  They are people who faced struggles in their daily life, just like us, but yet kept God at the center. It's true, there are many that we can look too and ask for their intercession. What makes Father McGivney a good fit for us is that he walked in our own country just over a century ago. He cared for families when the bread winner died to make sure families were not separated.  He gave Catholic men a way to be proud of their faith at a time when the poor were abandoning their faith in hopes to attain a higher social status.  With a model who lived so close in distance and time, we will be reminded when we see his likeness that we are still called to live out our faith here in Buffalo and now in 2024.
Watch and learn about him at:
Please Note: Make all checks payable to the Knights of Columbus. Place donations in the collection basket or drop off at the parish office.
Other statue questions? Please call Rob Nosbush at 763-682-2371.