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KC's Water Softener Salt Sales
September 15, 2023

KC's Water Softener Salt Sales

Delivered to Your House, Garage or Even Right Into Your Water Softener!
Want to save yourself the hassle of buying water softener salt, lugging it home and carrying it downstairs? Let the Knights of Columbus do it for you! We will be selling salt after Masses September 16th-17th and September 30th-October 1st.
Order Deadline is Sunday, October 1st
(Orders received after will be filled as supplies last)
Delivery on: Saturday, October 14th
The salt must be pre-ordered and paid for at the time of the order. The KC’s are selling Diamond Brand Pellets ($9.50/bag) and Crystals ($9.00/bag) and Sun Soft Solar Salt Pellets with Rust Buster ($9.75/bag). 5 bag minimum order is appreciated. Order forms in back of church or order online at: Contact Frank Patterson at 612-616-1433.