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The Olive Branch Support Group
September 17, 2023

The Olive Branch Support Group

Christian Faith-Based Adult Mood Disorder Support
Starting on Thursday, September 21st 3:00-4:30pm | STFX Parish Hall
MISSION STATEMENT: A Christian faith-based place where adults with mood disorders can safely gather for community, support, compassion, and be able to be themselves among others that may be able to understand.
VISION STATEMENT: To be a place where adults with mood disorders can come, find support, a friendly face, and not feel so lonely and alone.
· Must be 18 or older & have a mood disorder.
· For individuals from Buffalo and surrounding area.
· Meetings will start and end with prayer.
· This is an open group; Attendance encouraged but not required. People may come and go as they please.
· This is not a therapy group. For individuals who want to meet others who understand what they are experiencing as a person with a mood disorder.
· If group is not a good fit for the individual, efforts will be made to connect them with appropriate
Interested or have questions? Contact Amy Axtmann at 612-968-8683 or