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For the past few years, I have paid peripheral attention to the efforts by various Bay Area tech titans to cure humans of death.  Back in 2013, Time Magazine splashed their September edition’s cover with the following question:  “Can Google Solve Death?”  The effort to “cure” death is gaining momentum among the wealthy, with billionaires pouring their resources into this movement.  Whether it be Google or Apple, or any of the companies these tyrants of industry absorb, our nation’s most powerful driving force has declared war on mortality.  The more I have considered and examined this initiative from the likes of Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO), Sergey Brin (Google’s co-founder), Ray Kurzweil (one of Google’s darlings whose work on singularity should keep any decent human being up at night), the more I have become convinced they are doing the Devil’s work.

I am by no means worried that these misguided individuals and the pampered men and women to whom they cater will actually whisk away death.  In fact, should they make great strides in their efforts, I imagine that these devotees of transhumanism and its derivatives will only wreak havoc upon humanity–again, the Devil’s work.  Since these people are by no means stupid and their conscious motives benign, one must wonder how they could be duped into such an evil enterprise.  I propose the following motive:  fear.  The leaders of our technological industry have almost universally subscribed to a materialist view of reality, meaning they deny the existence of supernatural and immaterial things (e.g. a soul).  As a result of believing in this false philosophy, those who rage against death are scared senseless by the prospect of dying.

While our faith teaches us to not fear death, I nonetheless foresee a great many of the faithful willingly taking the poison pill that these tech titans will offer as a cure-all.  At times such as this, we do well to consider the words from the first reading at today’s Mass:

When the time of David’s death drew near,
he gave these instructions to his son Solomon:
“I am going the way of all flesh.
Take courage and be a man.” (1 Kings 2:1-2)

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