Contribute to the Schulze Family Foundation Challenge Grant


St. Francis Xavier has been awarded a $35,000 challenge grant to help families enroll in our Catholic school during this time of economic uncertainty!

Dick Schulze, the founder of Best Buy, is a firm supporter of Catholic education and has donated money to make sure families are not prevented from enrolling in Pre-K through 8th Grade schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our parish has received a $35,000 challenge grant as part of this initiative. In order to receive the $35,000 from the Schulze Family Foundation, we need to first meet their challenge: to raise $35,000 ourselves by August 31st of this year.

Everyone is invited to take part in this great initiative to support families and Catholic education at St. Francis Xavier. We are asking parishioners to contribute financially to this effort as well as to advertise and recruit outside donors–from family members to friends to neighbors to co-workers–in an effort to make sure we don’t miss out on this great gift. All money raised will directly help maintain and expand our Catholic school’s enrollment during this time of economic uncertainty. The first money raised will be used exclusively for this upcoming school year and any money raised beyond our goal will be available to create a scholarship fund to ensure affordable Catholic education for the future.

To take part in this effort, people can do one of the following:

  • Write a check and deliver it to the parish or school offices with “Schulze Family Challenge Grant” in the memo line (the check can also be dropped in the collection basket at Mass)
  • Donate online at the following link (note, there is a 3% charge to the parish for processing credit cards, so we encourage people to help cover that cost so the full donation amount goes to our families in need)
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