Where was Christ this Christmas?

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For today in the city of David a savior has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord.  

(Luke 2:11)

The gifts have been given, the food all eaten, the well wishes all spoken and the preparations are but a memory. It seems as though all the world is a Christian on Dec 25th, but what about the other 364 days of the year? We can now go back to our regular life, back to what it was before all the festivities interrupted the normal rhythm of our day to day schedules. Is that all? Is Christmas just a pause in our life, an excuse to eat a lot of food and spend a lot of money? Did celebrating the Birth of Our Savior make a difference in your life or was it just another Holiday for you?

Did you see Jesus in your celebrations?

It would be safe to say that almost everyone can think of one thing this Christmas that they would say they “saw” Jesus this Holiday. Whether it be the Christmas songs on the radio that lifted their spirits or the special gift that they received or maybe just having their family with them.

Maybe you experienced Christ’s love for you at Mass listening to the hymns, celebrating with your church family or when you received the Eucharist.  It may have been when you took time out of your family celebration to spend time in prayer thanking Him for all the gifts He has given you in your life.

However, did you bring Christ to others this Christmas by showing kindness to someone you don’t know? Did you speak kind and loving words instead of using harsh and crude language? Did you show mercy and forgiveness to someone instead of being critical and judgmental?

It’s easy to say that Jesus is Lord, but it’s another thing to live it! I think that everyone can look at their life and recognize things that they need to change in order to live a life of holiness. The question is, do you want to make the change?

When the Magi came to visit the child in the manger that encounter with the living God changed their lives forever. As Catholics we are called to bring Christ to others but in order to do that we must have Christ in our hearts first.  The most important relationship in your life should be your relationship with the Lord because all other relationships will flow out of that relationship with Christ. No matter where your relationship is with Jesus, it can always be better and everyday you have another chance to experience Him. Jesus Christ makes all things new, we simply need to turn to Him, open our heart to Him and follow Him, and when we do new and beautiful things will happen!

Let’s not only have Christ in our Christmas, let’s have Christ in our everyday lives!

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