The Church of St. Francis Xavier owns and operates two cemeteries in the Buffalo area. Both St. Francis Xavier Cemetery and the St. Mark’s Cemetery are filled with trees and beautiful monuments providing families with peace and comfort. We do not put restrictions on monument size and have a large Mausoleum (crypts) and Columbarium (niches) available to those who wish to be buried above ground. Non-parishioners are welcome to be buried in our cemeteries but must pay an additional fee.

For more information contact:
Susan Evans
Business Administrator
or email: susan.evans@stfxb.org

Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery
The Saint Francis Xaiver cemetery is located at 1300 Barton Ave. NW, Chatham, MN 55313

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Saint Mark’s Cemetery
The Saint Mark’s cemetery is located at 3370 Edmonson Ave. NE, Buffalo, MN 55313

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