What is Catechesis of the Good Shepherd?

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (or CGS) will begin at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.  CGS is a Montessori-based faith formation program for children and will be available to the families of St. Francis Xavier beginning in September of 2020. CGS helps children learn the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith and offers an opportunity for religious experience that assists them in deepening their love for Jesus Christ and his Church. Children will meet once per week during the school year in a specific space dedicated to CGS, this space is referred to as the atrium. In the CGS sessions children will enter into the story of the Scriptures and the life of the Church through hands-on learning as they prayerfully reflect on the voice of the Good Shepherd speaking to them in the quiet and prayerful atmosphere of the atrium. 

Children ages 3 ½ to 6 yrs old by Sept 1, 2020 and who are toilet trained are welcome to join us for this amazing opportunity.

CGS will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:30pm at the Education Center.

  • The Tuesday session goes from Sept 29, 2020 to May 4, 2021
  • The Wednesday session goes from Sept 23, 2020 to May, 2021

Registration Now Open!

For more information about CGS please go to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Official Website

Click on the links to learn more about Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: Video 1 and Video 2

St. Francis Xavier is preparing to open a Level I Atrium this Fall but we need your help!

We need many supplies in order to create an atmosphere for our young people to experience their faith in a deep and meaningful way. Supply list is below, please consider going through your home to see if there are any items you have that you are willing to donate.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Supply List

All items should be made form natural materials as much as possible and should not be distracting. For example, no bright colors, or themed items. They can have simple designs but no characters, etc.

All items should be in good condition and sized for child use

All items should be brought to the Parish Office during open working hours

This is NOT a complete list, we will update the list with additional items as needed and items will be removed once we have met the need for that item.

We are in the beginning stages of collecting items for our Atrium, there will be other ways that people can also volunteer their time and talents by painting figures, working with wood, clay, plaster, and sewing, etc. If you would like to offer your talents, please contact Debbie at the email below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Debbie Gladitsch at Debbie.gladitsch@stfxb.org


Items Needed

Various Tables – 3 ft tall or lower

Small cabinet – 4 ft tall or lower

1 Small shelf – 4ft or lower

4-6 Bookshelves – 4 ft long by 3 ft tall, 12-18 in between shelves, with three shelves

12 trays – Various sizes but around 4″x 6″, 6″ x 8″, 10” x 12” – the size to fit on a bookshelf

Sacred Art – Example: Jesus (Sacred Heart, Good Shepherd), Mary (Our Lady of Grace, Madonna and Child Jesus)

Small Statues – Example: Jesus (Sacred Heart), Mary (Our Lady of Grace, Madonna and Child Jesus)

Craft supplies:

  • Colored pencils – no crayons or markers
  • Watercolor sets
  • plains pencils
  • rulers
  • glue sticks
  • handheld pencil sharpeners
  • Plain white paper
  • Colored Construction paper

4 Hand towels

4 Small sponges

Small Watering Can

2 Small Bud Vases

2-3 Small Crocheted Doilies

Child-size Broom, dustpan, Hand brush with dustpan, duster

2 – San Damiano Crucifixes – 4 in. and 1 in.

2 – small standing crosses (no crucifixes)

2 – Small Simple wooden puzzles – shapes, numbers, etc.

Measuring Spoons: 1/3 Cup, 1 TBS, 1 tsp, ¼ tsp

2 Containers – to hold (Med size) Flour and (Small size) yeast

2 white cloths to cover dough

1-2 strings of Fake Pearls – prefer different size pearls

Small Thermos – Plain design

1 small pot for plants

Material/Fabric Needed: Used for Liturgical purpose

Plain white – cotton for Altar linen

White, Green, Purple and Red – A shiny material, like Satin for an Altar, miniature vestments, etc. *Think of the Liturgical colors


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